My First Story.

In order to write my own Devlog, I found Medium while finding platforms to write.

It is great platform that I can find different types of stories written with Korean, English, and post my own Devlog.

I’m 16-aged-Developer(Born in 2005, Korea Age System maybe different with other countries), who failed to admit Korean Digital Media High School.

I don’t have anything, I’m not goot at anything, but I have a lot of things I want to do.

I want to be Researcher of Artificial Intelligence.

While searching wiki, I found Caenorhabditis elegans.

Because its Connectome, or neuron map was fully researched, If we write it to code and implement to robots, It will move like it.

I came up with one idea, If I research Human’s Neuron and make Complete Neuron Map of Humans?

It will make us to implement All of Human’s Growth Activity with Artificial Intelligence.

But, To research this field, I have to master these fields, Biology, Genetics, Computer Science.

I have to master Biology, Genetics and complete Human’s Neuron Map, which a plenty of great Researchers couldn’t complete.

And, If I make it, I have to create AI which utilizes Human’s Neuron Map.

It seems impossible, but I decided to try it. First of all, I have to enter the university that I wants to enter, KAIST, Korea University, SKKU.

After finishing undergraduate life, enter graduate school, get a master’s or doctorate, and continue research as a research lab in a large company or professor.

If this research is actually successful, it will not only reduce the number of people who die due to natural causes, but it will also bring us a little closer to human eternal life.

I’ll never stop and keep running for this goal.




Student of South Korea, Learning Web Programming & Machine Learning.

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Student of South Korea, Learning Web Programming & Machine Learning.

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